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Taking Small Actions

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

A quote that I use a lot is, “Dream big but small small.” Having a big vision is phenomenal because you cannot accomplish anything that you cannot see happening. Visualization is essential, but you cannot only visualize it. You have to start breaking the vision or dream down and create goals. Try your best to break the big video on into goals so that you can start by taking small steps. Doing this will make the big vision become reali and manageable. When having a big dream, it can become overwhelming seeming as you do not know where to start. This can allow you to become stagnant and discourage. Dreaming big and not starting small can bring about the feeling that your dream is not possible or that it is too hard. Many people feel as though they have to have a lot of money or everything together to even start; this is because they are only focus on the final big goal. Taking small steps is one of the best ways to start. It can literally be as simple as going to the library to check out a book about what you are trying to accomplish, searching the internet or listening to a podcast. In today’s world of technology it is possible to start anything. Simply keep the understanding, “Dream big but start small!”

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