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Getting Out of Your Head

There are times where we can truly be our own worst enemy. We judge ourselves the hardest and beat ourselves up even when we are already at our lowest. The mind is such a powerful tool if you do not get out of your own head that is full of negative thoughts it can literally consume you. There has been many times where I lie at night awake because my mind is full of negative thoughts and terrible situations that I am trying to prevent from happening in my life. I have struggled so many times of trying to get out of my own head.

When I was not able to get out of my own head it turn my day dark. It did not allow me to be optimistic and hopeful. Most times when I could not get out of my own head it was due to thoughts that never happened and fear that has tried to control me. My head was always filled with “What If”. The thoughts would become so powerful that it begin to change how I viewed the world and I became paranoid of my what ifs. Fortunately, I figured out ways to get out of my own head and to control my thoughts.

You have to train your awareness. Training your awareness is simply refocusing yourself on living in the now. When you are too deep in your thoughts and cannot get out of your own head the first thing you can focus on is your breathing. Focus on the pace of your breathing and the temperature. Focus on the oxygen coming in and leaving out of your body. After bringing the focus to your breathing take the awareness to your body. How are you sitting or standing? Do you hear your heart beating? Is your heart beating fast or slow? If your heart is beating fast try calming it down by relaxing and taking deep slow breathes. Once you are aware of your body become aware of your environment. You want to focus on the now what is currently happening and what is surrounding you. This will allow you to get out of your head. Taking a look at your environment such as is the television on? Do you hear cars or a train? Use your senses to take your attention to what is going on around you.

After bringing yourself back to the present, you still want to be able to redirect your thoughts. You want to have something already prepared to think about. A thought you can use to always redirect yourself when your thoughts begin to go the wrong direction. The thought should be something that will calm and sooth you. A thought that is not heavy. It does not need deep thinking or analyzing. A thought that is straight forward. This works best when you do a countdown first. This allows you brain to process it better. For example, if you countdown from five and immediately put the thought in your head this will allow you to release what you where previously thinking.

Also, controlling your thoughts throughout the day is important. The way you can do that is by consuming positivity. You can consume positivity by watching inspiring videos or movies, listening to positive music or podcast, talking positively with friends. If you surround yourself with constant positivity you are more likely to have positive thoughts. If you study for a test really hard the likely hood of you failing it is extremely low. The same way with your mind if you train your mind and surround it with good things it is unlikely for you to think negative thoughts.

Now you know how to get out of your own head, redirect, and control your thoughts. Remember that you have the power over yourself. You control you. Take your power back and move forward with a better positive mindset.


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