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How to Maintain Balance in Life

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Having a balanced life that will positively affect your life starts off with feeling good about yourself. I mean this in every way; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This may seem like a lot, but you can start small. One thing you can start today is saying NO to anything in your life that doesn’t bring JOY, HAPPINESS, VALUE or PURPOSE. Add value to yourself by understanding you deserve better. Your time is limited and precious. Time is one thing a person can NEVER get back, so don’t waste it on devaluing yourself.

Physically, you want to put your body in a good state. You do this by getting proper sleep, at least seven hours a day. Aiming to be physically fit by at least exercising 30 minutes to an hour five times a week. Exercising is not just for your body; it does so much for your brain. It helps improve your memory, thinking skills and provides a nourishing environment for the growth of your brain cells. Be physically active and avoid garbage food into your body. Your body is your temple and it reacts to how you treat it either positive or negative. This is vital because if you feel good, you’ll do good. Psychology Today states that the average person makes an eye-popping 35,000 choices a day. We are very busy and it’s important to have the energy to tackle the choices we have on a day to day basis. Having our bodies together helps us to attack each decision with our very best instead of being tired and sluggish; then, we barely get the task done by putting little to no effort into it. Life is a domino effect where everything plays off one another and the outcome will be an unfulfilling and unbalanced life.

Now that you are physically in a better state and actively doing better, clear your mind. Mentally calm your mind. Something that you can start today is by getting a journal and writing everything down. Sometimes we are so anxious because we have so much on our minds. We are thinking about what we need to get for our children, what deadlines are going on at work, our spouses in our lives, what needs to be done a month from today. Constantly having so much going on in our head can be overwhelming and lessen our focus on what’s important. Write it all down. Get a planner and write your schedule out. Write down what you have done today and how you feel. This will lessen your anxiety and help you focus on prioritizing your life better. It will help you see what is more important.

Learn to take pauses between “the next thing to do”. Meditation is an absolute essential. Prayer and/or meditation is how one's day should start. Meditation aids many things, a few are impulse control, willpower and focus. It can positively affect your entire day if you start off with prayer and/or meditation. Starting the day off with a well-suited mind can help the way you take on the challenges of the world. It changes how you look at the world as a pessimist or optimist. You have free will in everything you do. Do not allow situations and people tell you how to feel. Even in a bad situation you can have a positive outlook on it. Doing this enhances your thought process and positive emotions within you. Emotions are very strong and subjective. We must be careful to act off of our emotions. We make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions. Nothing lasts, feeling happy, sad, or angry. Everything is simply passing moments and we gain from them when we take the time to understand them instead of making decisions that shift your life in major ways.

Once you have managed your inner self, the outer you will be easier to manage, which are the things you do beyond yourself, such as work, hobbies, friends, family and romantic relationships. Once you work on yourself, you will see what is important that is deserving of your time; then you will begin to properly prioritize into a better-balanced life.

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