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About Me

Verneisha Carter is a passionate Life and Business Coaching Professional; the owner and founder of Better Balanced Life Coaching LLC. She dedicates her life to being a facilitator of change for others. She dedicates her studies into learning more about identity, limiting beliefs and purpose. She has received her bachelors degree in psychology and received her masters in business; as well as being certified for coaching through the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology  and received additional training within this field. She has worked with many people of all ages and backgrounds. She’s been studying and practicing in this field for several years. Her motto is “anyone can live the life they desire if the desire for change outweigh the desire to stay the same.”


Thought-Based Approach

Help for Your Life

Fall Foliage


The Power of Knowing Who You Are

Knowing who you are guides EVERY decision you make. If you are confused constantly about everything it’s time for you to get to know yourself. If you do not like who you are understand that you have the choice to change yourself. Fall in love with who you’re becoming.

Limiting Beliefs

The Power of Truth

Limiting beliefs scares us to take action of our dreams. We give every excuse and we blame everyone for why we cannot exceed in life. Unveiling the truth helps us Overcome our limiting beliefs so they do not limit our dreams anymore. Facing the truth and accepting it is sometimes all we need to get over the hurdle.

Bridge Over River


The Power of Mission

Having a cause or reason to live changes everything. It changes how you live. To be driven by a mission mean living your life with action and not just being alive. Purpose gives the fulfillment of life. So many people wake up everyday wishing they can stay asleep, those people have nothing in life that they are excited to live for. Having a purpose wakes you up in the morning ready and excited to live life.

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